Update on Victoria from her mom Jen Tormanen:

Well… Toria’s pathology results are back and she does have thyroid cancer! I think God was preparing us for this news because for some reason it didn’t surprise us. It’s a Papillary cancer with a Follicular variant. It did spread out into one lymph node. It’s a common type of cancer and it’s highly treatable with a good outcome, Thank the Lord!! They had 3 pathology teams study this and they all came to the same diagnosis after looking at one specific slide sample that didn’t look normal. We are thankful that they took the time to dig into this and that they all found the same thing!! She goes back for surgery next Wednesday the 7th for the same procedure and pathology studies.  She will have to take thyroid replacement medicine right away and then in 3 weeks we’ll see an endocrinologist. She will most likely need to have radioactive iodine therapy as well which will kill off any remaining microscopic cancer cells. As only God can give, we have such a peace with this and we fully trust that this is God’s will for her life, and that through this, He will be glorified! There is a great comfort in knowing that He is in charge and we just take the steps that He calls us to take! Keep all of us in your prayers as we know they will continue to be heard.