Church Services

Here is a list of recorded church services to make it easier to find a specific date, speaker, or sermon. Click on the sermon title to watch/listen to that sermon on our Good Shepherd Free Lutheran Church YouTube page. Old audio files can be found at

5-28-23Pentecost SundayNumbers 11:24-30Sem. Troy Hanson
5-21-23H.A.R.D. Times Ahead1 Peter 5:6-11Pastor Mark Olson
5-14-23The shortest and simplest summary of the cross of Jesus1 Peter 3:15-22Pastor Mark Olson
5-7-23A Stone in the Field - Hinderance or Treasure?1 Peter 2:4-10Pastor Mark Olson
4-30-23Today is a Day of BlessingNumbers 6:22-27Sem. Troy Hanson
4+23-23An Attitude of Reverance1 Peter 1:17-21Pastor Mark Olson
4-16-23Let the Rejoicing Continue1 Peter 1:3-9Pastor Mark Olson
4-9-23Running, Reasoning, Racing, Reaching,&RealizingJohn 20:1-9Pastor Mark Olson
4-7-23A Horrible Cross Brings About a Triumphant Victory Shout!John 19:17-30Pastor Mark Olson
4-6-23What an Unforgettable Night!John 13:1-17Pastor Mark Olson
4-2-23The FocusPhilippians 2:5-11Pastor Mark Olson
3-29-23Wed Lenten Service - Pilate's Judgement HallMatthew 27:11-23Pastor Mark Olson
3-26-23Living a New LifeRomans 8:11-19Pastor Mark Olson
3-22-23Wed Lenten Service - The CourtyardMatthew 26:69-75Pastor Mark Olson
3-19-23The Power of God's Spirit in the Life of the BelieverRomans 8:1-10Pastor Mark Olson
3-15-23Wed Lenten Service - GethsemaneMatthew 26:47-56Sem. Troy Hanson
3-12-23No More Stumbling AroundEphesians 5:8-14Pastor Mark Olson
3-8-23Wed Lentern  - The Mount of OlivesMatthew 26:30-35Sem. Troy Hanson
3-5-23The Grace GuarenteeRomans 4:1-5, 13-17Sem. Troy Hanson
3-1-23Wednesday Lenten ServiceMatthew 26:6-13Seminarian Troy Hanson
2-26-23It Only Takes One...Romans 5:12, 17-19Pastor Mark Olson
2-19-23Know That Jesus is Both Lord and ChristActs 2:22-36Seminarian Troy Hanson
2-12-23Hidden Depths of God's Wisdom Revealed1 Corinthians 2:6-13Pastor Mark Olson
2-5-23Please, No More Distractions1 Corinthians 2:1-5Pastor Mark Olson
1-29-23How do you see yourself?1 Corinthians 1:26-31Pastor Mark Olson
1-22-23Need Some Encouragement Today?1 Corinthians 1:4-9Pastor Mark Olson
1-15-23Jesus Begins Ministry of SubstitutionMatthew 3:13-17Pastor Mark Olson
1-8-23Rise, Shine, and See JesusIsaiah 60:1-6Pastor Mark Olson
1-1-23End of One Age and The Beginning of AnotherGalatians 4:4-7Pastor Mark Olson
12-25-22He Gave the Right To Become Children of GodJohn 1:1-14Pastor Mark Olson
12-24-22Absolute Awestruck AmazementLuke 2:1-20Pastor Mark Olson
12-18-22A Fascinating Birth StoryMatthew 1:18-25Pastor Mark Olson
12-14-223rd Wednesday Advent Service Pastor Jim Rasmussen
12-11-22Sunday School Christmas Program  
12-7-222nd Wednesday Advent Service Pastor Mark Olson
12-4-22Repent! A life-altering change is at handMatthew 3:1-12Pastor Mark Olson
11-30-221st Wednesday Advent Service Pastor Mark Olson
11-27-22Salvation is NearerMatthew 24:37-44Pastor Jim Rasmussen
11-20-22Watch and Pray, and Concluding MattersColossians 4:2-18Pastor Mark Olson
11-13-22The Christian Life: Table of DutiesColossians 3:18-4:1Pastor Mark Olson
11-6-22The Christian Life: Put Off and Put OnColossians 3:5-17Pastor Mark Olson
10-30-22A New ViewColossians 3:1-4Pastor Mark Olson
10-23-22The Holiness of God Pastor Jim Rasmussen
10-16-22True FreedpmColossians 2:16-23Pastor Mark Olson
10-9-22The Fullness of ChristColossians 2:6-15Pastor Mark Olson
10-2-22True KnowledgeColossians 2:1-5Pastor Mark Olson
9-25-22Ministry of Reconciliation Colossians 1:21-29Pastor Mark Olson 
9-18-22The Preeminence of ChristColossians 1:15-20Pastor Mark Olson
9-11-22Prayer of PraiseColossians 1:9-14Pastor Mark Olson
9-4-22A Thanksgiving ReportColossians 1:1-8Pastor Mark Olson
8-28-22Joy (10th in series)Philippians 4:10-23Pastor Mark Olson
8-21-22Joy (9th in series)Philippians 4:1-9Pastor Mark Olson
8-14-22Joy (8th in series)Philippians 3:12-21Pastor Mark Olson
8-7-22Joy (7th in series)Philippians 3:1-11Pastor Mark Olson
7-31-22Joy (6th in series)Philippians 2:19-30Pastor Mark Olson
7-24-22Jesus on PrayerLuke 11:1-13Rev. Gary Jorgenson
7-17-22Gideons International presentationLuke 9:51-62Mr. Kevin Dahlman
7-10-22Joy (5th in series)Philippians 2:12-18Pastor Mark Olson
7-3-22Joy (4th in series)Philippians 2:1-11Pastor Mark Olson
6-26-22Joy (3rd in series)Philippians 1:21-30Pastor Mark Olson
6-19-22Joy (2nd in series)Philippians 1:12-21Pastor Mark Olson
6-12-22God's Amazing LoveActs 3:10-21Pastor Jim Rasmussen
6-5-22JoyPhilippians 1:1-11Pastor Mark Olson
5-29-22When Jesus prayed for youJohn 17:20-26Pastor Mark Olson
5-22-22We will make Our home within the believerJohn 14:23-29Pastor Mark Olson
5-15-22It's TimeMatthew 28:16-20Pastor Jim Rasmussen
5-8-22What Voice Are You Listening to?John 10:22-30Pastor Mark Olson
5-1-22Jesus Hosts a BreakfastJohn 21:1-14Pastor Mark Olson
4-24-22What...Who...How?John 20:19-31Pastor Mark Olson
4-17-22What Did You Say?Luke 24:1-11Pastor Mark Olson
4-15-22Good Friday Through the Eyes of JohnJohn 19:17-30Pastor Mark Olson
4-15-22Cokato Good Friday Community Service Cokato Ministirium
4-14-22Maunday Thursday - Passover and institutionLuke 22:7-20Pastor Mark Olson
4-10-22Praying Through a Night of AgonyLuke 22:39-46Pastor Mark Olson
4-6-22Wed - "The Church Communion of Saints"Ephesians 2:8-10Pastor Mark Olson
4-3-22A Parable from Genesis to Judgement DayLuke 20:9-19Pastor Mark Olson
3-30-22Wednesday night, 5th Lenten ServiceJohn 15:18-27Seminarian Joe Frech
3-27-22Rebellion, Repentance, RestorationLuke 15:11-32Pastor Mark Olson
3-23-22Wednesday night, 4th Lenten Service Pastor Mark Olson
3-16-22Wed Lenten Serv - God the Son: Jesus' IdentityMatthew 16 ;13-20Seminarian Joe Frech
3-13-22The Word for MinistryJohn 1:1-5Rev. Lyndon Korhonen
3-9-22Wednesday night Lenten servicePsalm 102:25-27Pastor Mark Olson
3-6-22Dramatic Scenes in the WildernessLuke 4:1-13Pastor Mark Olson
3-2-22Ash Wed - Apostles' Creed: "I Believe"Psalm 32Seminarian Joe Frech
2-27-22Transfiguration, a Supernatural EventLuke 9:28-36Pastor Mark Olson
2-20-22Radical and Absurd CommandsLuke 6:27-38Pastor Mark Olson
2-13-22Sermon on the PlainLuke 6:17-26Pastor Mark Olson
2-6-22Fishing With JesusLuke 5:1-11Pastor Mark Olson
1-30-22RejectionLuke 4:21-32Pastor Mark Olson
1-23-22BeginningsLuke 4:14-21Pastor Mark Olson
1-16-22The WeddingJohn 2:1-11Pastor Mark Olson
1-9-22Expectations versus RealityLuke 3:15-17, 21-22Pastor Mark Olson
1-2-22Star, Scripture, SpiritMatthew 2:1-12Pastor Mark Olson
12-26-21Why Did God Come in the FleshHebrews 2:10-18Pastor Mark Olson
12-24-21Christmas Eve - The JOY FILLED Christmas StoryLuke 2:1-20Pastor Mark Olson
12-22-214th Wednesday Advent Service Pastor Mark Olson
12-19-21The MagnificatLuke 1:39-55Pastor Mark Olson
12-15-213rd Wednesday Advent Service Pastor Mark Olson
12-12-212021 Sunday School Christmas Program Sunday School Kids
12-8-212nd Wednesday Advent Service Pastor Mark Olson
12-5-21The King is ComingLuke 3:4-6Pastor Mark Olson
12-1-21Wednesday Advent Service Pastor Mark Olson
11-28-21Your Savior Has Come!Jeremiah 33:14-16Pastor Mark Olson
11-24-21Thanksgiving Service Pastor Mark Olson
11-21-21Letter to the Romans - Chapter 15Romans 15:1-13Pastor Mark Olson
11/14/21Letter to the Romans - Chapter 14Romans 14:1-23Pastor Mark Olson
11-7-21Christ, Our Exemplary CitizenMatthew 17:24-27Rev. Jerome Nikunen
10-31-21Letter to the Romans - Chapter 13Romans 13:1-14Pastor Mark Olson
10-24-21Letter to the Romans - Chapter 12Romans 12:1-21Pastor Mark Olson
10-17-21Victory MountainsSong of Solomon 4:8Rev Jerome Nikunen
10/3/21Letter to the Romans - Chapter 11, part 2Romans 11:11-24Pastor Mark Olson
9-26-21Letter to the Romans - Chapter 11Romans 11:1-5Pastor Mark Olson
9-19-21Letter to the Romans - Chapter 10, part 2Romans 10:5-21Pastor Mark Olson
9-12-21Letter to the Romans - Chapter 10Romans 9:30-10:4Pastor Mark Olson
9-5-21Letter to the Romans - Chapter 9, part 2Romans 9:17-29Pastor Mark Olson
8-29-21Letter to the Romans - Chapter 9Romans 9:1-16Pastor Mark Olson
8-22-21Letter to the Romans - Chapter 8, part 2Romans 8:26-39Pastor Mark Olson
8-15-21Letter to the Romans - Chaper 8Romans 8:1-11Pastor Mark Olson
8-8-21GrowthEphesians 4:17-5:2Rev Jim Johnson
8-1-21Letter to the Romans - Chapter 7Romans 7:1-25Pastor Mark Olson
7-25-21Living With the End in ViewAction International MinistriesMissionary Jeff Anderson
7-18-21Letter to the Romans - Chapter 6Romans 6:1-11Pastor Mark Olson
7-11-21Letter to the Romans - Chapter 5Romans 5:1-11Pastor Mark Olson
7-4-21Letter to the Romans - Chapter 4Romans 4:1-5Pastor Mark Olson
6-27-21Letter to the Romans - Chapter 3Romans 3:21-26Pastor Mark Olson
6-20-21The Pastor's Devotion1 Timothy 4:9-16Rev. Lyndon Korhonen
6-13-21Letter to the Romans - Chapter TwoRomans 2:12-16Pastor Mark Olson
6-6-21Letter to the RomansRomans 1:16-17Pastor Mark Olson
5-30-21Truth RevealedJohn 3:1-17Pastor Mark Olson
5-23-21The Holy Spirit's Wondrous WorkJohn 16:8-15Pastor Mark Olson
5-16-21Keep Them in Your Care FatherJohn 17:11b-19Pastor Mark Olson
5-9-21Changing TimesActs 10:34-48Missionary Paul Humber
5-2-21Abiding in JesusJohn 15:1-8Pastor Mark Olson
4-25-21A Truly Loving ShepherdJohn 10:11-18Pastor Mark Olson
4-18-21Children of God1 John 3:1-10Pastor Mark Olson
4-11-21Unbelief to BeliefJohn 20:19-31Pastor Mark Olson
4-4-21Jesus Has RisenMark 16:1-8Pastor Mark Olson
4-2-21Good Friday Tenebrae Service Pastor Mark Olson
4-1-21Lenten Service - The Lord's Prayer...7th PetitionMatthew 6:13bPastor Mark Olson
3-28-21Where Are You Walking? Who Are You Following?John 12:20-43Pastor Mark Olson
3-24-21Lenten Service - The Lord's Prayer...6th PetitionMatthew 6:13aSeminarian Joseph Frech
3-21-21Jesus Follows God's PlanMark 10:32-45Pastor Mark Olson
3-17-21Lenten Service - The Lord's Prayer...5th PetitionMatthew 6:12Pastor Mark Olson
3-14-21A Simple MessageJohn 3:14-21Pastor Mark Olson
3-10-21Lenten Service - The Lord's Prayer...4th PetitionMatthew 6:11Seminarian Joseph Frech
3-7-21Where's Your FocusJohn 2:13-22Pastor Mark Olson
3-3-21Lenten Service - The Lord's Prayer...3rd PetitionMatthew 6:10bPastor Mark Olson
2-28-21It's Either Me. . .  or Him!Mark 8:27-38Pastor Mark Olson
2-24-21Lenten Service - The Lord's Prayer...2nd PetitionMatthew 6:10aSeminarian Joseph Frech
2-21-21Victorious JesusMark 1:12-13Pastor Mark Olson
2-17-21Ash Wednesday - The Lord's Prayer...Introduction & 1st PetitionMatthew 6:9Pastor Mark Olson
2-14-21Life ChangingMark 9:2-9Pastor Mark Olson
2-7-21What a Friend We Have in JesusMark 1:29-39Pastor Mark Olson
1-31-21Ordinary Sabbath Turn ExtraordinaryMark 1:21-28Pastor Mark Olson
1-24-21The Time is NOW!Mark 1:14-20Pastor Mark Olson
1-17-21Come, See for Yourself!John 1:43-51Pastor Mark Olson
1-10-21Eager ExpectationMark 1:4-11Pastor Mark Olson
1-3-21True WisdomLuke 2:41-52Paul Humber
12-27-20Salvation Has Come!Luke 2:22-40Pastor Mark Olson
12-24-20Christmas Eve - Call His Name Jesus!Matthew 1:18-25Pastor Mark Olson
12.-20-20Time for a Christmas Play - SS Christmas program  
12-13-20Light Witnesses...Pointing to JesusJohn 1:6-8, 19-25Pastor Mark Olson
12-6-20It Started With BaptismMark 1:1-8Pastor Mark Olson
11-29-20Stay Awake! Be Alert! Be on Your GuardMark 13:24-37Pastor Mark Olson
11-25-20Thanksgiving ServiceDeuteronomy 8:1-10Rev. Rob Edwards
11-22-20A Shepherd Who SurprisesEzekiel 34:11-24Rev. Rob Edwards
11-15-20The Day of the LORD is Near/HereZephaniah 1:7-16Rev. Rob Edwards
11-8-20Face the Facts, Not FantasyAmos 5:18-24Pastor Mark Olson
11-1-20Is Not the LORD in the Midst of Us?Micah 3:5-12Rev. Rob Edwards
10-25-20You Shall Be Holy - You Shall LoveLeviticus 19:1-2, 15-18Rev. Rob Edwards
10-18-20I Am the LORD and There Is No OtherIsaiah 45:1-7Rev. Rob Edwards
10-11-20What a Wondrous Celebration!!!Isaiah 25:6-9Pastor Mark Olson
10-4-20What More Could God Do?Isaiah 5:1-7Rev. Rob Edwards
9-27-20God's Good Pleasure!Ezekiel 18:1-4, 25-32Rev. Rob Edwards
9-20-20God's Thoughts & WaysIsaiah 55:6-9Rev. Rob Edwards
9-13-20Are You in the Place of God?Genesis 50:15-21Rev. Rob Edwards
9-6-20As a Watchman, What's Your DutyEzekiel 33:7-9Pastor Mark Olson
8-30-20Weak, Afraid, Bitter and ComplainingJeremiah 15: 15-21Pastor Mark Olson
8-23-20The LORD'S Comfort is His Coming SalvationIsaiah 51:1-6Pastor Mark Olson
8-16-20Salvation for even me?Isaiah 56:1, 6-8Pastor Mark Olson
8-9-20God is in Control part 1, God is in Control part 2Job 38:4-18Rev. Rob Edwards
8-2-20True SatisfactionIsaiah 55:1-5Rev. Rob Edwards
7-26-20Unfettered LoveDeuteronomy 7:6-9Rev. Rob Edwards
7-19-20Knowing the LORD, the OneIsaiah 44:6-8Rev. Rob Edwards
7-12-20No Rain, No Snow, No Word - What Happens?Isaiah 55:10-13Pastor Mark Olson
7-5-20Your King ComesZachariah 9:9-12Rev. Rob Edwards
6-28-20Hard Truth & Real GoodJeremiah 28:5-9Rev. Rob Edwards
6-21-20The Praise of a Trapped ProphetJeremiah 20:7-13Rev. Rob Edwards
6-14-20A Treasured PossessionExodus 19:2-8Pastor Mark Olson
6-7-20Three In OneGenesis 1, Acts 2, Matthew 28Rev. Rob Edwards
5-31-20THE Gift Of GodNumbers 11:24-30Rev. Rob Edwards
5-24-20With One AccordActs 1:12-26Rev. Rob Edwards
5-17-20Making Known the Unknown GodActs 17:16-31Pastor Mark Olson
5-10-20God At WorkActs 6:1-9 & 7:2a, 51-60Rev. Rob Edwards
5-3-20 Sheep Do What Sheep DoActs 2:42-47Rev. Rob Edwards
4-26-20So Now What Do We Do?Acts 2:14a, 36-41Pastor Mark Olson
4-19-20We Are WitnessesActs 5:29-42Rev. Rob Edwards
4-12-20A God Who RisesJohn 20:1-18Pastor Mark Olson
4-10-20Good Friday - A God Who Bleeds, A God Who DiesJohn 18 - 19Rev. Rob Edwards
4-9-20Maundy Thursday - A God Who LovesJohn 13:1-17. 31b-35Rev. Rob Edwards
4-5-20The Lord God Helps MeIsaiah 50:4-9aRev. Rob Edwards
4-1-20Lenten Service - A God Who ThirstsJohn 19:28-30Rev. Rob Edwards
3-29-20Beautiful FeetRomans 10:8-17Rev. Paul Abel
3-25-20Lenten Service- A God with a MotherJohn 19:25-27Pastor Mark Olson
3-22-20 Look with the Light of the WorldIsaiah 42:14-21 Rev. Rob Edwards 
3-18-20Lenten Service - A God ExposedJohn 19:1-5, 23-24Rev. Rob Edwards
3-15-20Drinking From the RockExodus 17:1-7Rev. Rob Edwards
3-11-20Lenten Service - A God BeatenJohn 18:19-24Pastor Mark Olson
3-8-20Call of AbramGenesis 12:1-9Pastor Mark Olson
3-4-20Lenten Service - A God Who PraysHebrews 7:20-28Rev. Rob Edwards
3-1-20Christ Our RefugeGenesis 3:1-21Rev. Rob Edwards
2-26-20Ash Wednesday - A God Who HungersMatthew 6:1-6, 16-21Rev. Rob Edwards
2-23-20Three Mounts and One Shining FaceExodus 24:8-18Pastor Mark Olson
2-16-20Christ Is Your LordDeuteronomy 30:15-20Rev. Rob Edwards
2-9-20Acceptable to the LordIsaiah 58:3-9aRev. Rob Edwards
2-2-20What Does the Lord Require?Micah 6:1-8Rev. Rob Edwards
1-26-20The Great LightIsaiah 9:1-4Rev. Rob Edwards
1-19-20Servant, Savior, SonIsaiah 49:1-7Pastor Mark Olson
1-12-20Behold My Servant!Isaiah 42:1-9Rev. Rob Edwards
1-5-20A Hearing HeartI Kings 3:4-15Rev. Rob Edwards
12-29-19The Lovingkindnesses of the LordIsaiah 63:7-14Pastor Mark Olson
12-24-19All the World with His Free Grace SupplyingJohn 1:1-14Rev. Rob Edwards
12-22-19Delivered by ImmanuelIsaiah 7:10-17Rev. Rob Edwards
12-18-19For You, to Bear Your Flesh in WeaknessLuke 1:46-55Pastor Mark Olson
12-15-19What Christmas Means to Me - SS ChristmasLuke 1:26-38 & 2:1-20Rev. Rob Edwards
12-11-19To Set You Free From All Your SorrowMatthew 2:1-12Rev. Rob Edwards
12-8-19A Stump, A Shoot, A Branch, A RootIsaiah 11:1-10Rev. Rob Edwards
12-4-19For You and All the WorldLuke 2:8-20Pastor Mark Olson
12-1-19The Coming Kingdom of GodIsaiah 2:1-5Rev. Rob Edwards
11-27-19Thanksgiving ServicePhilippians 4:4-20Pastor Mark Olson
11-24-19The Blessings of the KingColossians 1:13-20Rev. Rob Edwards
11-17-19Dragging? Discouraged? Doing Well?II Thessalonians 3:6-13Pastor Mark Olson
11-10-19God Has RevealedII Thessalonians 2:1-17Rev. Rob Edwards
11-3-19Glorified in His SaintsII Thessalonians 1:1-12Rev. Rob Edwards
10-27-19A Humble LifeII Timothy 4:6-8, 16-18Rev. Rob Edwards
10-20-19Do I Hafta Know This? Will It Be on the Test?II Timothy 3:14-4:5Pastor Mark Olson
10-13-19Remember Jesus ChristII Timothy 2:1-13Rev. Rob Edwards
10-6-19Faithfully Guarding the Good DepositII Timothy 1:1-14Rev. Rob Edwards
9-29-19Great GainI Timothy 6:6-19Rev. Rob Edwards
9-22-19Orderliness I Timothy 2:1-15Pastor Mark Olson
9-15-19Amazing Grace for Lost SinnersI Timothy 1:5-17Rev. Rob Edwards
9-8-19The Heart of Living for ChristPhilemon 1-21Rev. Rob Edwards
9-1-19Living Between Heaven and EarthHebrews 13:1-17Rev. Rob Edwards
8-25-19Training & Discipline by the Father’s Loving HandHebrews 12:4-29Pastor Mark Olson
8-18-19Life’s Ultimate RaceHebrews 11:17-31; 12:1-3Pastor Mark Olson
8-11-19By FaithHebrews 11:1-16Rev. Rob Edwards
7-28-19Complete in ChristColossians 2:6-15Rev. Rob Edwards
7-21-19A Riddle, an Enigma, and a Mystery?Colossians 1:21-29Pastor Mark Olson
7-14-19The Power Behind Your WalkColossians 1:1-14Rev. Rob Edwards
7-7-19Bearing Much for the Sake of ChristGalatians 6:1-10, 14-18Rev. Rob Edwards
6-30-19Live Out Your FreedomGalatians 5:1, 13-25Rev. Rob Edwards
6-23-19No Longer Captives!Galatians 3:23-4:7Rev. Rob Edwards
6-16-19Jesus is the Messiah and LordActs 2:14a, 22-36Pastor Mark Olson
6-9-19Your HelperActs 2:1-21Rev. Rob Edwards
6-2-19Paradise ResurrectedRevelation 22:1-6, 12-22Rev. Rob Edwards
5-19-19AWESOME!Revelation 21:1-7Pastor Mark Olson
5-12-19The Flock at RestRevelation 7:9-17Rev. Rob Edwards
5-5-19Confirmation Sunday – WorthyRevelation 5:1-14Rev. Rob Edwards
4-28-19Growing in ShrewdnessLuke 16:1-13Rev. Darwin Paccha
4-21-19EmptyI Corinthians 15:19-26Rev. Rob Edwards
4-19-19Good Friday Tenebrae – The Holy CrossRomans 5:1-5Rev. Rob Edwards
4-18-19Maundy Thursday – Faith, Hope, and LoveI Corinthians 11:23-32Pastor Mark Olson
4-14-19So…How’s Your Attitude!Philippians 2:5-11Pastor Mark Olson
4-7-19Confidence, Righteousness, & the PursuitPhilippians 3:4b-14Rev. Rob Edwards
4-3-19Lenten service – The Holy Office of the KeysMatthew 18:15-20Rev. Jason Gudim
3-31-19Reconciliation…What is it Really?II Corinthians 5:16-21Pastor Mark Olson
3-27-19Lenten service – The Holy Office of the MinistryEphesians 4:11-16Rev. Rob Edwards
3-24-19Temptation and the Way OutI Corinthians 10:1-13Rev. Rob Edwards
3-20-19Lenten service – God’s Holy Word2 Timothy 4:1-5Rev. Brett Boe
3-17-19Stand Out & Stand FirmPhilippians 3:17-4:1Rev. Rob Edwards
3-13-19Lenten service – Holy BaptismTitus 3:3-8Rev. Jason Gudim
3-10-19It’s So Close…It’s So SimpleRomans 10:8b-13Pastor Mark Olson
3-6-19Ash Wednesday – The Holy SupperHebrews 10:15-25Rev. Rob Edwards
3-3-19More Glory Than MosesHebrews 3:1-6Rev. Rob Edwards
2-24-19A New Springtime1 Corinthians 15:21-26, 30-42Rev. Rob Edwards
2-17-19Fake News vs. Good News1 Corinthians 15:12-20Pastor Mark Olson
2-10-19Built Up – Reaching Out1 Corinthians 14:12b-20Rev. Rob Edwards
2-3-19Love is …1 Corinthians 12:31b-13:13Rev. Rob Edwards
1-27-19A Divine Arrangement1 Corinthians 12:12-31aRev. Rob Edwards
1-20-19God’s Gift of Unity and Diversity1 Corinthians 12:1-11Erin Tormanen
1-13-19Identified with ChristRomans 6:1-11Pastor Mark Olson
1-6-19The Mystery of ChristEphesians 3:1-12Rev. Rob Edwards
12-30-18Get DressedColossians 3:12-17Rev. Rob Edwards
12-24-18Heaven in a MangerIsaiah 9:2-7Pastor Mark Olson
12-23-18To Do God’s Gracious WillHebrews 10:5-10Rev. Rob Edwards
12-19-18Advent Service – Christ’s Third Coming: How Has He Saved Us?Isaiah 35:1-10Pastor Mark Olson
12-16-18Rejoice in the Lord Always … the Lord is at HandPhilippians 4:4-7Rev. Rob Edwards
12-9-18Sails Set for JoyPhilippians 1:2-11Pastor Mark Olson
12-5-18Advent Service – Christ’s First Coming: Who Lies in the Manger?Isaiah 11:1-10Rev. Rob Edwards
12-2-18Sunday School Christmas Program  
11-25-18Not of this WorldDaniel 7:9-10, 13-14Rev. Rob Edwards
11-21-18Thanksgiving Service – Let All the Peoples Praise You!Psalm 67Rev. Rob Edwards
11-18-18Triumph in TribulationDaniel 12:1-3Pastor Mark Olson
11-11-18The Promise of Provision1 Kings 17:8-16Rev. Rob Edwards
11-4-18All Saint’s VictoryPsalm 149Rev. Rob Edwards
10-28-18A Mighty Fortress is our GodPsalm 46:1-11Pastor Mark Olson
10-21-18True Contentment & WealthEcclesiasties 5:10-20Rev. Rob Edwards
10-14-18ExtravaganceAmos 5:6-7, 10-15Rev. Rob Edwards
10-7-18The Blessing of MarriageGenesis 2:18-25Rev. Rob Edwards
9-30-18Burdens LiftedNumbers 11Rev. Rob Edwards
9-23-18Difficult MinistryJeremiah 11:18-20Pastor Mark Olson
9-16-18Sustain Us With a WordIsaiah 50:4-10Rev. Rob Edwards
9-9-18From a Desert to a GardenIsaiah 35:4-7aRev. Rob Edwards
8-26-18Who You Foolin’?Isaiah 29:11-19Pastor Mark Olson
8-19-18The Voice of WisdomProvers 9:1-10Rev. Rob Edwards
8-12-18Our Refuge1 Kings 19:1-8Rev. Rob Edwards
8-5-18Bread from HeavenExodus 16:2-15Rev. Rob Edwards
7-29-18Double AssuranceGenesis 9:8-17Rev. Rob Edwards
7-22-18The Lord is our RighteousnessJeremiah 23:1-6Rev. Rob Edwards
7-15-18MeasuredAmos 7:7-15Rev. Rob Edwards
7-8-18Fearless & FaithfulEzekiel 2:1-5Rev. Rob Edwards
7-1-18God’s Mercy & FaithfulnessLamentations 3:18-26Erin Tormanen
6-24-18Suffering in FaithJob 38:1-11Rev. Rob Edwards
6-17-18Promise of a New KingdomEzekiel 17:22-24Mark Olson
6-10-18A Promise of DeathGenesis 3:8-15Rev. Rob Edwards
6-3-18Made & Kept HolyDeuteronomy 5:12-15Rev. Rob Edwards
5-27-18The Holiest of the HolyIsaiah 6:1-8Rev. Rob Edwards
5-20-18Dry Bones, Live Again!Ezekiel 37:1-14Rev. Rob Edwards
5-13-18Waiting/FollowingActs 1:12-26Rev. Rob Edwards
5-6-18The Only Savior of SinnersActs 10:34-48Rev. Rob Edwards
4-29-18The Journey InterruptedActs 8:26-40Rev. Rob Edwards
4-8-18One Heart & SoulActs 4:32-35Rev. Rob Edwards
4-1-18See, This is Our GodIsaiah 25:6-9Rev. Rob Edwards
3-30-18Community Good Friday Church Service  
3-29-18Letter to Laodicea – Maundy Thursday ServiceRevelation 3:14-22Rev. Rob Edwards
3-25-18Hosanna, Coming King – Palm SundayZechariah 9:9-12Mark Olson
3-21-18Letter to Philadelphia – Lenten ServiceRevelation 3:7-13Erin Tormanen
3-18-18A New Covenant for New HeartsJeremiah 31:31-34Rev. Rob Edwards
3-14-18Letter to Sardis – Lenten ServiceRevelation 3:1-6David Niemela
3-11-18Look and LiveNumbers 21:4-9Rev. Rob Edwards
3-7-18Letter to Thyatira – Lenten ServiceRevelation 2:18-19Rev. Rob Edwards
3-4-18The Words of Death, The Word of LifeExodus 20:1-17Rev. Rob Edwards
2-28-18Letter to Pergamum – Lenten ServiceRevelation 2:12-17Rev. Rob Edwards
2-25-18An Everlasting CovenantGenesis 17:1-7, 15-16Jason Coyle
2-21-18Letter to Smyrna – Lenten ServiceRevelation 2:8-11Erin Tormanen
2-18-18The Lord Has ProvidedGenesis 22:1-18Rev. Rob Edwards
2-14-18The Letter to the Ephesians – Ash WednesdayRevelation 2:1-7Rev. Rob Edwards
2-11-18Unveiled FacesExodus 34:29-35Rev. Rob Edwards
2-4-18The Wonder of the Holy OneIsaiah 40:21-31Rev. Rob Edwards
1-28-18A Greater ProphetDeuteronomy 18:15-20Rev. Rob Edwards
1-14-18Priest to Perfect Priest1 Samuel 3:1-10Mark Olson
1-7-18When God SpeaksGenesis 1:1-5Rev. Rob Edwards
12-31-17Join in the SongPsalm 111David Niemela
12-17-17From Mourning to RejoicingIsaiah 61:1-4, 8-11Rev. Rob Edwards
12-10-17Comfort for the AfflictedIsaiah 40:1-10Rev. Rob Edwards
12-3-17Sunday School Christmas Program  
11-26-17The Coming of the King’s Harvest1 Corinthians 15:20-28Rev. Rob Edwards
11-22-17Thanksgiving Service1 Timothy 2:1-4Rev. Rob Edwards
11-19-17From One Glorious Day to the Next1 Thessalonians 5:1-11Rev. Rob Edwards
11-12-17The Facts About the Lord’s Coming1 Thessalonians 4:13-18Rev. Rob Edwards
11-5-17Saints: Children of God1 John 3:1-3Rev. Rob Edwards
10-29-17Now Playing: God’s RighteousnessRomans 3:19-28David Niemela
10-15-17Provided ForPhilippians 4:4-13Rev. Rob Edwards
10-8-17Pressing On and Gaining the PrizePhilippians 3:4b-14Rev. Rob Edwards
10-1-17A Life and Labor of LovePhilippians 2:1-4,14-18Rev. Rob Edwards
9-24-17A Win-Win SituationPhilippians 1:12-14, 19-30Rev. Rob Edwards
9-17-17Freedom in ChristRomans 14:1-12Rev. Rob Edwards
9-3-17Authentic Love in ActionRomans 12:9-21Rev. Rob Edwards
8-27-17Living SacrificesRomans 11:33-12:8Rev. Rob Edwards
8-20-17Christian Kind of Love . . .Romans 11Erin Tormanen
8-13-17NearRomans 10:5-17David Niemela
8-6-17God’s Grace Still StandsRomans 9:1-13Rev. Rob Edwards
7-23-17The Groaning of LifeRomans 8:18-27Rev. Rob Edwards
7-16-17Led By the Spirit of GodRomans 8:12-17Rev. Rob Edwards
7-9-17Dilemma ResolvedRomans 7:13-25Rev. Elden Nelson
7-2-17The Believer’s Relationship to the LawRomans 7:1-13Mark Olson
6-25-17Under New OwnershipRomans 6:12-23Rev. Rob Edwards
6-18-17Enemies: Reconciled & SavedRomans 5:6-15Rev. Rob Edwards
6-11-17The Great Work of the TrinityActs 2:14a, 22-36Rev. Rob Edwards
6-4-17The New Wine Poured OutActs 2:1-21Rev. Rob Edwards
5-28-17Your Badge of Honor1 Peter 4:12-19; 5:6-11Rev. Rob Edwards
5-21-17Be Prepared: Opportunity Knocks1 Peter 3:13-22Rev. Rob Edwards
5-14-17Sustenance, Stability, and a New Status in Christ1 Peter 2:2-10Rev. Rob Edwards
5-7-17Hey Sheep! Follow the Good Shepherd1 Peter 2:19-25Rev. Rob Edwards
4-30-17Awesome and Enduring1 Peter 1:17-25David Niemela
4-23-17Your Precious Faith1 Peter 1:3-9Rev. Rob Edwards
4-16-17Resurrection Life, Here & NowColossians 3:1-4Rev. Rob Edwards
4-13-17The Ark of the Covenant & the Mercy Seat – Maundy ThursExodus 25:10-22Rev. Rob Edwards
4-9-17From a Cross to a CrownPhilippians 2:5-11Rev. Rob Edwards
4-5-17The Golden Lampstand – Lenten ServiceExodus 25:31-40Rev. Jason Gudim
4-2-17No CondemnationRomans 8:1-11Rev. Rob Edwards
3-29-17The Golden Alter of Incense – Lenten ServiceExodus 30:1-10Rev. Rob Edwards
3-26-17Walking in LightEphesians 5:7-14Mark Olson
3-22-17The Bronze Basin – Lenten ServiceExodus 30:17-21Rev. Jason Gudim
3-19-17Moving Forward in FaithRomans 5:1-8Rev. Rob Edwards
3-15-17The Table of Showbread – Lenten ServiceExodus 25:23-30Rev. Rob Edwards
3-12-17Credited as RighteousnessRomans 4:1-8, 13-17Jason Coyle
3-8-17The Priestly Garments – Lenten ServiceExodus 28:1-43Rev. Jason Gudim
3-5-17Dethroning Sin and DeathRomans 5:12-19Rev. Rob Edwards
3-1-17The Alter of Burnt Offering – Ash Wednesday ServiceExodus 27:1-8Rev. Rob Edwards
2-26-17Divine Testimony for a Dark World2 Peter 1:16-21Rev. Rob Edwards
2-19-17Building on the Foundation of Christ1 Corinthians 3:10-23Rev. Rob Edwards
2-12-17Growing in God’s Garden1 Corinthians 3:1-9Rev. Rob Edwards
2-5-17The Mind of Christ Revealed1 Corinthians 2:1-16Rev. Rob Edwards
1-22-17Unified in Christ1 Corinthians 1:10-17David Niemela
1-15-17Christ Revealed in Gifts1 Corinthians 1:1-9Rev. Rob Edwards
1-8-17Death and Life in ChristRomans 6:1-11Rev. Rob Edwards
12-25-16God’s Final Eloquent SermonHebrews 1:1-6Rev. Rob Edwards
12-11-16Be Patient and Stand FirmJames 5:7-11Rev. Rob Edwards
12-4-16Promise and FulfillmentRomans 15:4-13Rev. Rob Edwards
11-27-16Advent 2.0: The Promise, the Purpose, and the ProcessMatthew 24:29-33Rev. Gary Haug
11-20-16Christ the King of AllLuke 23:27-43Rev. Rob Edwards
11-13-16Your Redemption is Drawing NearLuke 21:5-36Rev. Rob Edwards
10-30-16Obey God Rather Than MenMatthew 11:12-19Rev. Gary Haug
10-23-16Believing and Receiving from GodLuke 18:9-17David Niemela
10-2-16The Duty of the DiscipleLuke 17:1-10Rev. Rob Edwards
9-25-16The Suffering and the SatisfiedLuke 16:19-31Rev. Rob Edwards
9-18-16MoneyLuke 16:1-15Rev. Gary Haug
9-11-16Seeking the LostLuke 15:1-10Rev. Rob Edwards
9-4-16The Costliness of DiscipleshipLuke 14:25-35Rev. Rob Edwards
8-28-16Merciful FeastLuke 14:1-14David Niemela
8-21-16Only One Way, and What a BlessingLuke 12:49-56Rev. Gary Haug
8-14-16The Fearsome Fire of JudgementLuke 12:49-56Rev. Gary Haug
7-31-16Rich Toward GodLuke 12:13-21Rev. Rob Edwards
7-24-16The Willing FatherLuke 11:1-13David Niemela
7-17-16The One Thing NecessaryLuke 10:38-42Rev. Rob Edwards
6-19-16AriseLuke 7:11-17Rev. Rob Edwards
6-12-16Foreign GraceLuke 8:26-39David Niemela
5-22-16See the Day and Be GladJohn 8:48-59Rev. Rob Edwards
5-8-16Unified, Glorified, and Knowing His LoveJohn 17:20-26Rev. Rob Edwards
4-17-16Jesus IS the ChristJohn 10:22-30Rev. Rob Edwards
4-10-16Following the Fisher of MenJohn 21:1-19Rev. Rob Edwards
4-3-16A Man, a Message, and a MissionJohn 20:19-21Rev. Rob Edwards
3-27-16He is Risen! The Wound of Death is Vanquished!John 20:11-16Rev. Rob Edwards
3-20-16True God, True Man, True SacrificeLuke 22:1-23:56Tom Langemo
3-13-16The Son, the CornerstoneLuke 20-9-20Rev. Rob Edwards
3-6-16Celebrate Grace Without JudgementLuke 15:11-32Rev. Gary Haug
2-28-16Suffering, Sin, SalvationLuke 13Mark Olson
2-24-16Jesus’ Struggle in the Garden – Lenten ServiceMatthew 26:36-45Rev. Rob Edwards
2-21-16The Great CommissionMatthew 28:16-20Rev. Paul Abel
2-14-16The Second Adam, the True IsraelLuke 4:1-13Rev. Rob Edwards
2-7-16A Glimpse of His GloryLuke 9:28-36Rev. Rob Edwards
1-31-16His Word Possessed AuthorityLuke 4:31-44Rev. Rob Edwards
1-24-16The Favor of the FatherLuke 4:16-30Rev. Rob Edwards
1-10-16The Testimony of Your BaptismLuke 3:21-22Rev. Rob Edwards
1-3-16Jesus, the Boy and His MissionLuke 2:40-52David Niemela
12-27-15Looking for Consolation and RedemptionLuke 2:22-40Rev. Rob Edwards
12-24-15God For Us, God With UsMatthew 1:18-25Rev. Rob Edwards